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Owner: DarkDjinn

Blinking Headlines

Barbara Eden News
[ Barbara Eden News ]

·I Read of Jeannie! Barbara Edenís Memoir Will Appear Next Year
·Celebrate Oscar Night With Barbara Eden!
·Barbara Eden Hosts Ballroom with a Twist
·Barbara Eden Shines For the USO
·Barbara Eden Celebrity Guest at Monterey Film Gala
·Valentine's Day Movie Premiere Graced by Barbara Eden
·Barbara Eden Donates Signed Jeannie Bottle
·Barbara Eden Touts the Magic of Dance
·The Role of a Lifetime



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Cast and Crew: NBC Alumni Award Presented to Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden NewsRogerNMe writes "

Toluca Lake, California - October 18, 2009. At the 14th annual NBC Reunion Dinner, held at the Lakeside Golf Club, Barbara Eden received an appreciation award honoring her 40 years as a star on the NBC Network. Best known as the magical star of I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden also graced 21 Bob Hope Specials and 15 shows on the network. Gene Walsh, former Vice President of publicity for NBC, presented the award to Miss Eden. Originally reported in the Park Labrea News/Beverly Press.

Appreciation Award Presented by Gene Walsh to Barbara Eden
Gene Walsh Presents Award to Barbara Eden

Posted by RogerNMe on Thursday, October 22, 2009 @ 6:01 am (1532 reads)
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IDOJ Merchandise: Barbie Magic Genie Bottle
Editorial OpinionsDitchWaterSal writes "

Most people on here know how much I love my dolls! I love Barbie especially because there have been so many different kinds of Barbie dolls through the years and because they do dolls for shows like I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and I Love Lucy to name only a very few. I know everyone is also into Jeannie's bottle so I thought I would share some information that combines my love of dolls with the bottle.

Back in 2000 Mattel released the Barbie Magic Genie Bottle computer game that included the game and a genie bottle that you connected to the computer. It lights up and flashes and you can rub the bottle to make Barbie Genie come out and you can uncork and cork the bottle. You get special powers in the game that lets you levitate objects to find the magic gems and call on Barbie Genie to help you in your quest.

Barbie Magic Genie Bottle
Barbie Magic Genie Bottle by Mattel Media

I'm going to make a forum post and put more photos in the Djinni Gallery but you can Read More... for additional photos and description of the game.

Posted by DitchWaterSal on Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 12:09 pm (9415 reads)
(Read More... 6936 bytes more | 3 comments comments | IDOJ Merchandise | Score: )

Journal: In Memoriam: Emmaline Henry
In Memoriam

To all Emmaline’s family and friends we extend our prayers and thoughts on this the twenty-eighth anniversary of Emmaline’s passing.


Emmaline Henry
November 1, 1928 – October 8, 1979

From All Movie Guide:

Emmaline Henry was primarily a television actress, and principally specialized in comedy, most notably the role of Amanda Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie. Born in Philadelphia in 1928, it was her intention to become a singer and by her teens she was appearing on local radio; with her perky, clean good looks, she might well have succeeded in either a Doris Day or a Dinah Shore mode. She went to Hollywood in the early '50s and found her way into the choruses of various musicals. Producers began noticing, however, that her comedy skills were superior to her singing. She toured in shows like Top Banana (and played in the film of that show) and succeeded Carol Channing in the play Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She made her television debut on The Red Skelton Show in 1961 and subsequently did guest spots on various sitcoms, including The Farmer's Daughter and Petticoat Junction. Her first starring role was as John Astin's wife in the sitcom I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, which also starred Marty Ingels, in a series about a pair of zany carpenters. She also made film appearances in Divorce American Style, Rosemary's Baby, and The Harrad Summer, but her most familiar role was as Amanda Bellows, the wife of perennially suspicious psychiatrist Alfred Bellows, for four seasons on I Dream of Jeannie. Following that series' cancellation in 1970, she made appearances on more sitcoms, including the anthology series Love American Style and in the dramatic mini-series Backstairs at the White House. ~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide

Posted by Hajji on Thursday, October 8, 2009 @ 12:05 am (1972 reads)
(comments? comments? | Journal | Score: )

Journal: Djinni Gallery Tops 8,000 Images

The Djinni Gallery, the internet's largest collection of I Dream of Jeannie images, tops 8,000 stunning, humongous, rare, personal and fantastic images, audio and video files!

As an I Dream of Jeannie Christmas present almost two years ago the new Djinni Gallery was unveiled after months of testing by the Beta Djinn Team. I am forever grateful to everyone's generosity and I am especially thankful to: Brutha, DarkDjinn, DjinnDjinn, DjinnKitty, DreamyJeannie, Endora, GeekyGuy, GiggleGirl, Melinda, SevenofNine and Vanquished for finding the bugs, suggesting the improvements and for contributing their time and talent so generously.

As a result the new Djinni Gallery offers a plethora of features among which are Resident Djinn Personal Albums, Favorites Albums, Bulk Image Uploads, watermarking, remote image management and sharing, gallery slideshows, audio and video files and much better organization and management.

For those Djinn who liked the original Djinni Gallery with its page of latest additions, that hasn't changed, just click the New Items album and all the latest and greatest across the Djinni Gallery are at your command! Now you can also view the Djinni Gallery most popular images or blink yourself to a column of smoke and drift among the images via the random image album. The Djinni Gallery offers as much flexibility and adventure that any Djinn might conceive.

8000 I Dream of Jeannie Images and Counting
Djinni Gallery Tops 8000 Images

But wait, there's MORE...

Posted by Hajji on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 @ 12:05 am (6042 reads)
(Read More... 3874 bytes more | 1 comment comment | Journal | Score: )

Cast and Crew: Love Ride 26 October 25, 2009
Larry Hagman NewsGeekyGuy writes "

Larry Hagman and his wife Maj Axelsson have attended almost all of the Love Ride events for the last seven years at least! Hopefully this year will be the same. So just in case here's the info on this years Love Ride and a look back at Larry and Maj over the years from Love Ride 25 to 17!!

Love Ride 26 October 25, 2009The countdown to LOVE RIDE 26 begins this Saturday, August 22 with a kick-off celebration and block party at Glendale Harley from 3:00PM-9:30PM. In addition to enjoying the festivities, those attending the party can be among the first to register for the legendary ride--the largest one-day motorcycle fundraising event in the world. LOVE RIDE 26 will be themed around the 40th anniversary of the ultimate road movie, EASY RIDER, the 1969 film classic staring Peter Fonda, a longtime LOVE RIDE Honorary Grand Marshall.

"We're excited about the 2009 ride, and marking EASY RIDER'S 40th anniversary is a fun new way to shed more light on what we're doing," said LOVE RIDE Founder & Chairman Oliver Shokouh, owner of Glendale Harley®. "LOVE RIDE is about helping those less fortunate--this year, more than ever, there are so many people who need our assistance. Through the generosity of participants and sponsors of 2008's Love Ride, we raised $1 million. I know that everyone is going to step up and help us exceed that figure. I'm looking forward to getting started at the kick-off this Saturday."

 Love Ride Larry

The LOVE RIDE 26 family-style kick-off event will take place outside the Glendale Harley dealership, located at 3717 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA, 91204 at the intersection of Mira Loma Ave and San Fernando Road. Highlights will include live music--kids rock band Harley Drive and '70s/'80s cover band Time Bomb--DJ Mr. Gee, an airbrush tattoo artist, popcorn, cotton candy, prize raffles, and other entertainment and treats for all ages. As part of the day, the Glendale H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) Chapter will also hold a fundraising bike wash.

Shokouh is scheduled to speak to the crowd at 6:15PM. A hearty beef brisket dinner will follow, with the evening being capped by cartoons and a feature film digitally projected on a large outdoor screen in the dealership's employee parking lot. When the action-packed event ends, Glendale Harley will return to normal operations--until the early morning of October 25. Then--marking the climax of the three-day lifestyle event California Bike Week (10/23-25)--over 25,000 bikers from around the world will converge there for the start of LOVE RIDE 26. The ride, led by Grand Marshall Jay Leno, ends at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA with a giant vendor show, food, drinks and a star-studded concert.

LOVE RIDE 26's partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EASY RIDER--and the film's release on high-definition Blu-ray Disc(TM) on October 13--adds a new dimension to the world-famous motorcycle fundraiser. Released the same year as Woodstock, EASY RIDER'S rock 'n roll soundtrack and anti-establishment storyline captured the era, and unforgettable performances by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson made it a counterculture classic. EASY RIDER-themed promotions, music, and giveaways will be part of the action throughout California Bike Week and its centerpiece event, LOVE RIDE 26.

Read More... for a trip down Love Ride Past with Larry and Maj...

Posted by GeekyGuy on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @ 1:10 pm (8760 reads)
(Read More... 7022 bytes more | 1 comment comment | Cast and Crew | Score: )

Journal: Genie Romance Inspired By Jeannie
AnnouncementDitchWaterSal writes "

Judi Fennel Romance AuthorUp and coming romance author, Judi Fennell has posted on her blog that inspiration struck with the purchase of a Jeannie bottle. She is now writting a genie themed romance trilogy. I haven't read her books so I don't know much about her or her stories but I thought some might be interested in a genie themed romance set. I also stay away from the bottles but I thought it was really nice that I Dream of Jeannie and a Jeannie bottle inspired her creativity.

Writing on her blog, Judi Fennel,  she had this to say:

Yep, I now own this.

Silly, I know. But I LOVED I Dream of Jeannie and now that I’m writing a genie trilogy, well, it was a no brainer.

I have to say thank you to my wonderful husband who not only didn’t roll his eyes when I found this online, but was the one to say, “Go ahead and buy it. You deserve it and it’s cool.”

Really, is it any wonder where my heroes in my stories come from?

Thanks for sharing the excitement!

Judi Fennel's Jeannie Bottle
Judi Fennel's Jeannie Bottle

You can read more about Judi and her books on her website, www.judifennell.com

Posted by DitchWaterSal on Sunday, October 4, 2009 @ 1:45 pm (2900 reads)
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Journal: In Loving Memory of Carrie Elizabeth Peterman
In Memoriam
Carrie Peterman November 9, 1973 - October 1, 2005
Carrie Elizabeth Peterman
November 9, 1973 - October 1, 2005

To Carrie’s family we extend our prayers, sympathy and best wishes on this sad anniversary. We share your grief as fans of Carrie.

Following are a few highlights from and reflections on Carrie’s extraordinary life:

Carrie Peterman was a young woman of profound talents taken in her prime three years ago today. Many fans of I Dream of Jeannie are no doubt familiar with her website www.idojweb.com which is no longer active. Carrie’s website stitched together a huge variety of I Dream of Jeannie knowledge through photos, an episode guide, forums, online chat, guest books, links and news to name a few. Her online persona was carpet1934 and she was a true gift to IDOJ fandom. Early in 2004 her website ceased to be updated and she was not returning e-mail. The deafening silence grew throughout the year and well into 2005. Suddenly and without warning her website ceased to exist in late 2005, it was simply gone without a trace.


Posted by Hajji on Thursday, October 1, 2009 @ 12:05 am (3649 reads)
(Read More... 2876 bytes more | 2 comments comments | Journal | Score: )

Journal: Jeannie Bottle Review Turns 7 Years Old
Jeannie Bottle Review News

Today, September 28, 2009 marks the sixth year since www.jeanniebottlereview.com went online with one page and around 32 bottles. When the full site opened with reviews and shrines and a bit of this and that there were four featured artists as there are today but not all the same ones. As time has passed and my collection has grown nearly six fold a few newer, or at least newer to me, artists came along and garnered a top spot. No artist recently has produced anything close to the quality and artistry of the now featured artists. To be sure, a few artists like Callo and Dennis Wolfe are amazing and deserve more recognition for their achievements.

The backdrop of the Jeannie Bottle Review opening was a bleak picture as far as Jeannie Bottle information goes. There were few photos of the original prop bottles used in the series or the reunion movies, the photos of replica bottles were likewise few and relatively small. Some artists used the same photos repeatedly rather than taking photos of each bottle they had for sale. Still others produced photos that made their work look far better than it did in person. The Jeannie Bottle Review website has a two-fold purpose to educate people on things to look for when purchasing or commissioning a Jeannie bottle and to honor those artists whose work is surpassingly great.

The Jeannie Bottle Review Seventh Anniversary

Over the years nearly a half million people have visited the Jeannie Bottle Review, whether to admire the photos or to prepare for buying their first to twentieth bottle. Many of these visitors have written with questions or observations, most have written back after making their purchase to share their experience with an artist and their work. To launch the Jeannie Bottle Review I ran a drawing that garnered a veritable ton of entries.

Posted by Hajji on Monday, September 28, 2009 @ 12:05 am (11673 reads)
(Read More... 3071 bytes more | 6 comments comments | Journal | Score: )

Journal: The Blink Vs. The Twitch
Editorial OpinionsEndora writes "

Now this question asked so many times, Who is more powerful the Genie or the Witch? and are compared with each other all the time. I had to sit through 10 episodes of Bewitched and 10 episodes of I dream of Jeannie and give a verdict as in which one is better. As for which show is better that can not be answer sorry, both show are very different. The only thing the two show have in common is the powers the lead characters have, so I can tell you which one is more powerful.

Take Bewitched Darrin and Samantha Stevens, a very loving, cute couple and happily married. Take Major Anthony Nelson and Jeannie, Major Nelson a handsome, genuine intelligent rocket scientist living with a half naked blonde bombshell genie named Jeannie, who isn’t that bright, she often didn’t look before she jumped. 

Oh No We're Done For By the Blink!In theory Samantha has give up witchcraft to become a housewife. Back then that would go down O.K. but today I think you would have women telling Darrin let her be who she is. Major Nelson and Jeannie, they claim Major Nelson is the Master, well all genies have Masters right! so I really can’t disagree that Major Nelson is said to be running the show. Bewitched based around Samantha’s witchcraft and her interfering mother who doesn’t get along well with her son-in-law. I dream of Jeannie base on the sexual tension between lead characters Major Nelson and Jeannie, as I said they both claimed that Major Nelson was the Master but it never worked that way, Jeannie was doing her own thing. Major Nelson saw Jeannie for who she was and she was free to be who she is. Major Nelson’s buddy Major Healey that was a loud mouth swinging astronaut and a very funny man. Darrin didn’t have a sidekick, but then Samantha had her mother Endora, Jeannie only had Major Nelson and Major Healey. Bewitched had Larry Tate I got to say I loved this man while watching Bewitched he was Darrin’s boss, he didn’t know what the hell was going on when one of witch’s spells kicked in but on the other have he didn’t make it his lives work like Dr. Bellows did on NBC’s I dream of Jeannie, but Mrs. Karvis on Bewitched kind of did, poor lady I’m sure everyone around her thought she was going nuts. Lets take Dr. Bellows a shrink for Cape Kennedy, now this man was well educated, he saw most of the things Jeannie had blinked up but never met Jeannie until Major Nelson and Jeannie tied the knot, but still didn’t know it was her behind all those mishaps. This Blink is Stronger than Any Twitch!Now Dr. Bellows works with the mind and knows how it works, but when it came to Major Nelson and his house it was a big mystery for the man and he wanted to know why there was a apple tree or boat in the middle of his living room, or how did he get 3 million dollars in his bank account that even his life saving wouldn’t come close too. Example Jeannie wanted her Master to run for Governor but Major Nelson doesn’t want to, as we know Jeannie wears the plants in the relationship so she has set up his campaign, Major Healey has seen the sight of money and girls, he thinks Major Nelson running for Governor is a good idea, When General Peterson finds out Major Nelson is running for Governor he tells him he is getting his wings clip but Major Nelson assure him he is an astronaut not a Governor, Jeannie still insist that her Master run for Governor and blinks up a brass band and the works in his office Dr. Bellows hears the crowd and see it with his own two eyes and goes running to General Peterson, just before the General arrives Jeannie has seen in the future Major Nelson marrying someone else and blinks everything away Dr. Bellows and the General walk in and there nothing, poor Dr. Bellows and one of his popular line “He’s Do It To Me Again” and Dr. Bellows is made out to be the crazy one. Dr. Bellows wife Amanda now they made a couple she knew there was something different about Major Nelson too but she didn’t make her life goal to find out, she thought there was a female behind it all and just hoped one day she just might find her. In I dream of Jeannie Jeannie had made it her life goal to become Mrs. Nelson so when you watch the show your on Jeannie side saying come on girl your going to get him one day, and we saw Major Nelson had a candle burning for her too.



Thank you to Endora for sourcing this comparison of The Blink Vs. The Twitch! Thank you to RogerNMe for providing the photos from Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie that are a perfect juxtaposed illustration for this article.

Posted by Endora on Sunday, September 27, 2009 @ 12:05 am (7642 reads)
(Read More... 8360 bytes more | 4 comments comments | Journal | Score: )

Cast and Crew: Barbara Eden to be Guest of Honor at NBC Alumni Dinner
Barbara Eden NewsRogerNMe writes "

Barbara Eden will be the guest of honor at the 14th Annual NBC Alumni Dinner to be held at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake, California on October 18, 2009.

14th Annaual NBC Alumni Dinner

Posted by RogerNMe on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @ 1:55 pm (1118 reads)
(comments? comments? | Cast and Crew | Score: )

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